Week 3 – Links to News concerning Writing, Publishing and Related Technology

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Olive tree in hands as a gift
Olive tree in hands as a gift

Every week here will be article links to the most useful news I have read concerning writing, publishing and related technology.

Making A Living From Your Writing *  Marketing Your Book *  10 tips for new writers from a self-published success * The Difference Between Good Writers & Bad Writers

How to Get Influencers to Share Your Content

List Influencers
Contact Social Media Influencers
Publish and Promote
Start Rounding Up

  1. List Influencers
  2. Contact Social Media Influencers
  3. Publish and Promote
  4. Start Rounding Up

How to Get Social Media Influencers to Share Your Content | Digital Current * 5 Overlooked Ways to Create High-Performing Content Faster * Your daily dose of writing, publishing and marketing advice * 5 Powerful Lessons Content Marketers Can Learn from Journalism * 7 Digital Marketing Trends To Keep in Mind During 2017 [Infographic] * 50 Of The Best Writing Apps For The iPad * How To Give a Film-Look Appearance To Your Video Footage * Writing Exercises Scientifically Proven To Redirect Your Life | Fast Company

When You Write

From ‘The Write Life’:

‘What do you picture when you imagine yourself writing?

Are you quietly tapping away on your office desktop computer in the early morning hours? Maybe you’re scribbling new ideas and observations amidst the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop.

It’s likely that you imagined yourself alone. And that’s not surprising, because when it comes down to actually doing the work, you — the writer — are the one who has to put pen to paper’ Source link

Other links related to writing, publishing and analytics:

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WEEK 6 – Links to News concerning Writing, Publishing and Related Technology

You are a Writer, Start Acting Like One. Everybody wants to write a book. The first link below is the most important.


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( 17  Mind-Blowing Pictures Untouched by Photoshop* 20 Foods to Eat and Avoid on an Empty Stomach )

Trump and the Trash News

I think nowadays people are so used to politicians trying to talk themselves out of situations – that this straight-talking, spontaneous action is something of a shocker. But that media responds with such spite is for me a surprise.

Why do all hate Trump? And if not, they don’t dare speak any good of him.

via The Phenomenon: Trashing Trump — Red Breast

WEEK 5 – Links to News concerning Writing, Publishing and Related Technology

Pedestrians footprints in road blue ice. Street sleet background
Pedestrians footprints in road blue ice. Street sleet background


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WEEK 4 – Links to News concerning Writing, Publishing and Related Technology



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